Civil and Environmental Engineering

Emanti supports all of its municipal services sector engagement with an underlying philosophy of seeking to guide improved performance and skills development.

This includes (i) the development and use of carefully crafted strategic self-assessments (a business health check / gap analysis approach) which guide practitioner adherence to best practice, (ii) metric benchmarking techniques, using sector and internationally aligned performance indicators, and (iii) process benchmarking techniques, which harness peer based learning processes. A well-recognised track record of such exists, most notably across the water and sanitation, waste management, electricity and enterprise development domains.

Featured Emanti Solutions

Limestone Stabilisation

A significant proportion of the surface waters of Southern Africa characteristically have low total alkalinity (0-25 mg/L as CaCO3), low calcium (0-25 mg/L as CaCO3) and low pH (4.0 to 7.0).

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

An EIA is a process of identifying, assessing and reporting environmental impacts associated with a project/activity (e.g. what is the impact on the environment if we build this factory here).

Value Impact Assessment

The Value Impact Assessment model considers operational costs (labour, maintenance, etc.), capital cost recovery, inflation, required return on investment and risk.

Non-Revenue Water Pre-Feasibility Tool

A Non-Revenue Water Pre-Feasibility Tool for improved decision-making by Municipalities and Utilities. South Africa is ranked as the 30th driest country in the world, with extreme climate and rainfall fluctuations.

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