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Emanti Management is a young & expanding broad based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) water and environmental engineering company. Our focus lies in proactively assisting both the public and private sector in finding effective solutions to the water and environmental management responsibilities they face in their daily operations.

Our organization offers a consistent level of top quality service and unique personal attention from our well balanced team of highly skilled professionals. Using sector approved water quality management tools we provide holistic and effective water and environmental management solutions – putting our clients in control.

Management or Water Service Delivery

Emanti has developed a well-recognised best practice specialist core service to support the delivery of water and sanitation services.


Emanti supports all of its municipal services sector engagement with an underlying philosophy of seeking to guide improved performance and skills development.


Specialist civil and environmental engineering services include: (i) water treatment process engineering, (ii) liquid-waste management, (iii) corrosion mitigation, (iv) river health management, and (v) municipal infrastructure engineering.


Emanti have well developed project management and management consulting skills, and have very successfully project managed both public and private sector projects; and in particular specialise in managing diverse, specialist teams in South Africa and Internationally.

Where it all began / Our History

Realising the need for a service that could provide effective solutions to the issues that faced many public and private sector clients with regards to water and environmental management responsibilities, a small group of highly experienced professionals joined forces in 2003. Piloted by Grant Mackintosh (a skilled projects manager and water utilization engineer with many years of research and development in the South African water sector) the business as it stands today consists of young and dynamic broad-based Black Economic Empowerment individuals committed to excellence in their spheres of expertise.

Company Overview

For both the private and public sector, the task of managing water and environmental risks is fundamental to their commercial success. This is especially so in South Africa where the impact of water on both primary health and the environment is realised and addressed via new legislation and growing regulation, tougher enforcement and heavier penalties for infringements. Through innovative application of its specialist expertise, Emanti Management assists both the public sector and businesses in meeting responsibilities, managing risks, and prioritising focus areas.

Emanti Management has established a solid country-wide reputation in Water & Wastewater Quality Management audits and consulting, Water and Wastewater Treatment process engineering as well as Environmental Management and Impact Assessments.

The Emanti team offers a consistent level of top quality service and unique personal attention, through a medium of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who will accomplish your objectives by combining their expertise with advanced technology and methodology.

Our vision

Emanti Management aims to be the preferred partner in the application of environmental management technologies for the improved utilisation, protection and management of our water resources, water services and the natural environment. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to always exceed customer expectations via our firm commitment to develop excellence in our people.

Our mission

We aim to achieve the highest standards of service by developing quality skills in our own people. As a young BEE oriented Water and Environmental Engineering Services Company, Emanti Management is committed to the development, encouragement and empowerment of its personnel, such that our collective mission of becoming the market leaders for environmental risk management is achieved.


empowerment profile

HDI profile

HDI Equity (Black Empowered SMME)

Gender Profile

Disabled Profile

• BEE Status: Emanti is a level 2 B-BBEE contributor. Value Adding Procurement Recognition: 125%
• HDI Profile: Profile of 78%, a gender profile of 33% and a disabled profile of 11%.
• HDI Equity: Emanti Management is a black empowered SMME (>25% HDI ownership). Black equity holding in Emanti Management is 51%.

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